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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:50pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by the national carpet mill outlet. asking questions and getting answers cleveland 19 news starts now. >> they scare you. you think, well, if i don't go do these ultrasounds and something does happen could we have done something about it or just been more prepared? >> denise: what's more risky as a pregnant woman, being older over overweight? we get answers on the health problems each will have to face coming up. first tonight, it has been nearly three weeks since a woman was murdered as a west sidebar and so far police are still searching for any clue that could lead them to her killer. >> romona: and all they want is justice.
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answers. >> reporter: her boyfriend reached out to us looking for answers. his girlfriend of eight years was shot and killed while at work at cooley lounge in cleveland last month. tonight her loved ones want to know who killed her and why. >> i can't wrap my mind around the why. >> reporter: wiping a here he mourns his girlfriend. >> the world is missing a happy person. >> reporter: the 44-year-old was shot and killed while working at coole october 24th. more than two weeks later sue s he still searches for answers. >> if i could wrap my head around the why it may make things easier. the why is senseless. >> reporter: cleveland police say four men came to the bar before midnight that night. they ordered drinks and then two pulled out handguns. the men ordered everyone to the ground and pistol whipped a woman when she called for help and followed misty to the back room and broke down the
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times. >> why shoot her? she was running from you and not toward you. >> reporter: it is a question he wantsence aed and he wants to hear from cleveland police. he told me he called every day and u.s. diddens of times, but -- dozens of times and he hasn't heard anything back. >> it is beyond comprehension how much little we've had for somebody that was killed brutally for nothing. >> reporter: while he waits for answers he remembers the gad times that -- the good times they had together over the past eight years. dressing up for halloween he hopes she is at peace. >> we completed each other in a way that we both were happy. now i'm upset because i don't have her anymore and i will miss that for a long, longtime. >> reporter: we've reached out to cleveland police asking for answers, but all they're telling us is there are no updates in this case. there is a benefit on sunday afternoon at the vfw hall on 140th and lorain. we have the information on our
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our website. ramona? >> romona: now to chris tanaka who is tracking several stories at the alert desk. >> chris: while it was calm in chief lend a number of cities are seeing another night of anti-donald trump protests. in oakland you can see more people on the streets blocking roadways. tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in new york, dallas, philly, l.a. last night and tonight joined byie and minneapolis and dallas and oakland. all people voicing their frustration over the outcome of tuesday's election. demonstrators blocked streets and disrupted traffic. two people were even detained by police in baltimore. >> chris: we just heard they are recalling some smoke and carbon monoxide alarms because it will chirp continuously
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expiration date. the chirp makes you think it is not working. you can get a free replacement if you have a defective device. >> chris: and leonard cohen has died tonight. the rock and roll hall of famer was 82 years old. ramona? >> romona: great news in the fight against the zika virus. scientists in canada say a vaccine could soon be available. researchers tested it onic no known side effects. the vaccine is now being tested in humans. if all goes well it could be available to the public in a year. >> denise: just two days ago six states voted on marijuana for medical or recreational use. in ohio medical marijuana patients are watching it take shape. sara goldenburg has more on how close it is to being up and running.
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marijuana has been legal here in ohio since september. but a lot of the regulations are being written by lawmakers and advisory boards. and for the patients that means they may not be able to use it until 2018. >> john p o rdy spent the last -- john pardy spent the last few years. >> ohio is recognized as the medical marijuana state and now the ready -- and now the hard work begins. >> the latestic has been on the local level of this election. >> now there is half a dozen communities that have de criminalized the possession of less than 200 grams. this is what will have to continue to happen. all of us need to continue to work in the communities to change the laws and change the minds. >> advocates 8188,000 patients across the state will qualify for medical marijuana. the ohio medical marijuana control program expects it will take two years to get
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to continue to grow. >> the majority of americans now live in a state that is either medical or full legal. it is time to recognize it as a medicine and for folks who want to use it for enjoyment. >> new rules would permit 18 marijuana growers for the entire state according to the columbus dispatch. large growers would pay a $twnt,000 application fee and $180,000 in licensings pardee does not agree with all of the regulations, but he says it is a start. >> this is something that will be good for ohio's economy and good for ohio's patients and this is something that needs to be embraced. >> you have to qualify with one of a dozen conditions to use the medical marijuana. the state has set up a website to keep you informed on the status. we will post-it on our cleveland 19 app.
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you are wondering how to get it. a doctor has to write a recommendation and they can't prescribe marijuana here yet. before doing that the physicians have to apply for a certificate from the state medical board in ohio. this is expected to start in september of next year. >> romona: black friday is around the corner. a few hours ago wal-mart and target say they will both open their doors at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day while best buy will open an hour earlier and all three stores also released their ads for the big shopping event as well. do you have a plan on how you will navigate the store so you can get the best sales? dan deroos is in the weather center with things you should do to snag the deals. >> dan: and even though i have been helping you through black friday for the past few years i even learned some new things. let's go through some of the ideas they had to get you your
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you need to study up. on that list put what it is for retail. if you need a 55-inch tv and if you need a life-sized barbie for your kid. make sure you know what the retail price is. that way if you see a price you will know it is a deal. i did not know this. they did a comparison of the black friday ads from 2014 and 2015 and looked at target, sears, wal-mart. 43% of the prices were exactly the same from the year be sometimes it is not always a deal. let's take a look. use the whole shopping season. the best deals on thursday and friday are cameras, tv's tablets and appliances. if that applies to you you better know what you are doing on thursday and friday. if you get to cyber monday the best deals you will find are in clothing and laptops, but stores like wal-mart and amazon on-line , they already have a ton of deals out there. a lot of thens you can get on sale.
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you need to use the rewards and a lot of the apps, victoria's secret somehow the phone knows and it uses gps and they send you coupons there in the store. good plan to have. denise, back to you. >> good, but kind of big brother. "60 minutes" landed the first interview with mr. trump. he wil stahl and it will air on this program. you can watch it right here at 7:00 p.m. >> romona: could the year you were born help protect you against the flu? a new study that suggests your age could impact your immunity against the virus. jeff? >> jeff: a clear, mild, but windy night. this is in advance of the cold front coming through. let's look at the feazel roof
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there is going to be a temperature change for your veterans day. first alert details coming up. >> do you want a spcial screening and ultrasound? >> some women have concerns about how old is too old to have a baby? we are getting answers on some of the health problems a mom to be could face at an older age. >> romona: and we are keeping an eye on the anti-trump protests taking place in several
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driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: a second night of anti-donald trump boarded up their windows as a precaution and we just got a report of vandalism and a driver getting attacked in portland, oregon. we will keep updating you if we need it throughout the newscast. it used to be women were discouraged from getting pregnant once they were in their late 30s and early 40s because the risk was too
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but more women are getting pregnant and having healthy babies. >> denise: a new set of risks and realities is not being addressed. jen has answers on why it is putting babies and 60% of reproductive age women in danger. >> she is the picture of health. five months pregnant and considered a geriatric pregnancy at the ripe old age of 35. >> h you? >> it is funny because i feel so young. when you hear it you think of somebody in their like 70s or 80sand not theater 5. >> reporter: clinically considered advanced maternal age she had twice as many appointments with this pregnancy as she had with her 2-year-old son, austin. >> they scare you. everything you hear okay well if i don't go do these extra ultrasounds and tests and something does happen, could we have done something about
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prepared? >> reporter: a maternal fetal specialist said the risk of jaw met particular complications or chromosomal ab nor mall tees does increase, but the odds are against you. >> it is less than 1% and i am not much of a betting woman. if i were there is a 99% chance that may baby is not going to have a chromosome ab nor mall tee and i would take my chances. >> reporter: women of advanced maternal age face higher risk of blood pressure problems, gestational diabetes had, multiples, low birth weight, loss of pregnancy, c-section, down syndrome and other chromosome ab nor mall tees. >> edge a lot of women -- i think a lot of women say should i have a child older? what if it is my fault because i waited too long. >> the risk for chromosomal abnormalties in women over 40 is less than 2% if you are
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>> we see more birth defects in moms who are in the overweight or obese category if you base it on bmi than moms between the ages of 35 and 40. >> the risk for a host of different problems for baby and mom are directly related to a woman's bmi. >> the older you get, the more likely it is to have a chromosome abnormality. similarly with obesity, the higher your bmi, the more likely you are to have a baby with one of these birth defects. >> they often see brain and spine issues like spina-bifida or cleft lip or cleft pallet in overweight moms. over bees moms have an 18% higher risk with a baby with heart defects and those severely obese the risk jumps to 30 according to the cdc and still birth risk is 40% higher in dash than pregnant women with a normal bmi. >> gestational diabetes which
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issues and sleep apnea. all of those things increase your risk for you and your baby to have complications in the pregnancy. >> moms overweight or obese put themselves and their baby at risk come delivery time. c-sections are significantly more common and more risky. >> it is harder to keep your baby on the monitor. the further the monitors are from the baby, the harder it is for us to really under what is going on with the baby at the postpartum depression. we all know you can't turn back time to combat the risk for older moms, but getting your diabetes under control and getting active and even losing as little as 5 to 10% of your bmi prior to pregnancy can make a huge difference in the overall health and well being of you and baby. >> good job, buddy. >> i do think when you go to the first appointment and they realize you are 35 and they say okay, well, do you want to
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screenings? we want to make sure everything is okay with the baby. >> she is confident she is doing all she can to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. cleveland 19. >> denise: how many moms and babies does this affect? one-third of reproductive age women are overweight. when you include the ones who are obese, that number jumps to 60%. according to the cdc, 7,000 fetal deaths and nearly 3,000 heart defects can mothers. >> denise: coming up tomorrow morning jen talks to one suburban mayor who passed the first of its kind law in the country to help new parents. she is getting answers on how this works at 6:00 a.m. >> romona: a new study says the year you were born may lower your risk of a severe infection later on by 75%. people born before 1968 are more protected than those born after that year.
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that helped boost immunity to certain strains and even with that protection doctors still recommend getting a flu shot. >> romona: i've been busy tonight. >> denise: you sure have. ramona has been inducted into the press club journalism hall of fame. this award exemplifies outstanding work in journalism. it took place in westlake and now many of you remember ramona started her career in cleveland on our sister earned exclusive interviews with presidents and world leaders and covered every huge event in cleveland over the last 28 years and she is especially proud of her ramona's kids, trying to inspire and encourage our youngsters. we here at cleveland 19 want to say a very big con grat layings layings -- congratulations. well done. >> thank you for being there with me.
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>> denise: he had to work. >> jeff: well, i'm sure you mentioned me in your speech. >> romona: you were the first name. i want to thank our viewers because it has been a long, hard fought road to get here in this business. i had to just work and claw and scratch to realize my dream and to be able to do it in cleveland for so long is just special, and to be recognized by the press club of cleveland. >> denise: we love you, ro. so glad you're here. all right, jeff. that's what we have going on. 22 miles an hour in elyria. it is less windy as you get inland. the strongest winds are along the lakeshore. 38 gusts in mentor. we have a cold front and that's windy. we are still pretty mild. 1:00 a.m. is the forecast and we are still going to be around 50 in downtown cleveland. 40ss in land.
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night. we are just talking sprinkles with this thing m it is not going to be a big rain situation. temperatures on your veterans day is only around 50. in fact in the late afternoon we drop to the mid40s. it well generally be mostly cloudy, but it will be windy. gusts tomorrow and no alert days coming up the next seven. we have the front coming through with the sprinkles. alert. 49 on saturday. it is going to be a sun-filled weekend and cool on saturday. but sunday we're back up to 56 and look at monday, 57. it is a dry spell here, folks. increasing clouds, windy and mild, 46. southwest to north wind gusting to 25. a 1 and it will be in the mid40s and warming to about 48 at 8:00 a.m.
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strong north wind gusting to over theater. not much rain just sprinkles. 48 at 8:00 a.m. and then dropping late afternoon. veterans day will feature some sprinkles and mostly cloudy skies. blustery and 49. chilly on friday night and saturday it is becoming sunny and 49. saturday night is chilly and 31 and sunday it is sunny and partly cloudy, 57. more of a mostly cloudy sky and tuesday 54 and by this time next week i'm still forecasting dry weather with temperatures well in the 50s. there you go, ladies. >> romona: i have an update on some of my previous ramona's kids. the young women's group from akron that helps develop teenage girls's confidence and self-esteem are now on social
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quotes. you want to go and look at them. other young girls can be inspired. they give back to the community. they are volunteering at a battered women shelter. they also sponsor an annual event with a talent show and they have spookers coming -- speakers coming in. >> denise: you are probably thinking of giving a gift card this holiday season. you may want to rethink that. only 27% of americans say they would like t g most find it disappointing and others say it is not personal. to make it a better gift a consumer expert said to consider the amount and if it is really enough to buy something with the card. >> this is the latest video making the round and it features your cleveland cavaliers. the team tweeted out the video a few hours ago. it was recorded while they were meeting president obama today and they got the first lady to participate.
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they said they wanted to freeze the white house visit in time. >> denise: much more from the cavs coming up. tony zarrella was there as they met the president.
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>> now, this is ther doctor dash this is ther i teen -- serpentini chevrolet. >> this just wrapped up. the immortal darrin waller put baltimore up for good. kessler got benched in the third quarter. i don't know why. josh mccown came on and he was picked off and why not? ravens win it 28-7 and browns
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it is about time cleveland got a team to the white house. lebron and company in the nation's capitol and they will play the wizards tomorrow night. lots going on at the white house. here is tony zarrella. >> tony: the cavaliers had a fun few hours. they arrived early and had a guided tour and by 2:30 they were on the south lawn with the president of the united states for the ceremony. president obama brought his game and immediately making jokes about jr's shirt and cavaliers brought a gift. lebron joking i can help you with that, by the way, mr. president. itment uh -- itment a lot including for liew. >> finally have a chance to travel and she cried when i told hershey could come.
11:29 pm
experience it with me. >> the cavaliers are not the only ones from the white house. president-elect trump was here and then it became about basketball and the continue bugs to cleveland on and off the court. cleveland 19 news. >> denise: look at tony on the wheat house lawn. >> mark: to make up for it we had to send him to watch the
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>> jeff: tomorrow morning blustery and midto upper 40s. holding steady at 50. sprinkles for your veterans day. >> denise: thank you for joining us tonight. be sure to join our morning
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> has this ever happened to you? donald trump has been elected president! you're understandably upset, but now there's a way to get through the day. >> hi, i'm patton oswalt, and you're probably feeling some uncontrollable rage. bitter results with "choke it down." choke it down's patented fiber bundled technology absorbs your screams of anguish and locks them away, so you can live a normal life. at work -- at home -- and perfect for thanksgiving -- sorry. i'm sorry. (bleep) the (bleep) rationality
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all of it! >> choke it down, now available everywhere. >> (bleep) over here. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes sting! thandie newton! featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheend ? >> stephen: hey!
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thank you down here, up there! nice to see you! nice to be seen. thank you! audience chanting stephen ). >> stephen: that's nice. thanks, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) ? >> stephen: welcome to "the late show," everybody. thank you so much. welcome to the "late show." i am your host, stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) hey, so this is all still happening. donald trump is really going to be the next president. ( audience booing ) >> stephen: yeah, you have been reading my journal. for a while, i was poking myself with a straight pin to try and wake up from this, but now i keep doing it to feel something. it's so real that trump is now
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intelligence briefing known as "the book," making it the only book he owns that doesn't have his picture on it. ( laughter ) and today, the transfer of power began when president obama hosted trump at the white house for the most surprising remake of "guess who's coming to dinner." ( laughter ) didn't see that one. i didn't see that one comin coming, either. ( laughter ) can you imagine how awkward that meeting was? put yourself in that private room when they were together. can you imagine? awkward! ( laughter ) the first african american president sitting down with a president-elect who was endorsed by the klan? a guy who spent five years , created his political career,
11:39 pm
it. what did they talk about? what was the tour like? ( as obama ) "all right, donald, this is the blue room, this is the red room, and down the hall is the office i said you were fundamentally unfit for. library's downstairs." ( laughter ) now, getting trump up to speed for the new job might be a challenge because he will be the first u.s. president to have never held elected office or served in the military. privileged that the first job he ever had to apply for was president. ( laughter ) have you watched obama? have you heard him yesterday and seen him today? >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: you've got to give it up for the guy. he's amazing. he's being so good! ( cheers and applause ) it's the most amazing thing he's ever done.
11:40 pm
even made a special multimedia presentation just for trump on the relationship between the executive branch and the legislative. ? i'm just a bill. ? yes, i'm only a bill. ? and i'm sitting here on capitol hill. >> stephen: ? ? oh, it's a long, long way -- they let him take it home. he's going to need some repeat viewings. they also taught him what a conjunction was. ( laughter ) ? interjection!? i've got to breathe every so often or i'll pass out. ( laughter ) of course, trump wasn't alone. melania was there for a private meeting with michelle obama, to ensure the peaceful transition of speeches. ( applause ) america is the envy of the world in that regard.
11:41 pm
headliners. those are the people you foe about, the candidates, the incoming president. but to be honest, my heart goes out to everyone at the white house. i can't imagine how hard that is-- and i don't have to because there's this picture of the white house staff as obama congratulated trump yesterday. a picture is worth a thousand words, none of which i'm allowed to say on cbs. ( cheers and applause ) after the meeting, trump and obama spoke from the oval office where trump was seated with a bust of m.l.k. looming over his shoulder. okay, obama put that there.
11:42 pm
people -- who did they have? they had a bust of churchill. when obama came in, he replaced it with a bust of martin luther king. when trump comes in, he'll replace it with a picture of the burger king. ( laughter ) president-elect trump thought the meeting went very well. >> well, thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe ten or 15 minutes, and we were just going to get to know each other. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. >> stephen: that's right. it was supposed to be just ten minutes, but trump demanded the "long form." ( laughter ) oh, okay. after the meeting, press secretary josh earnest went into more detail. >> i think the president came
11:43 pm
( applause ) >> stephen: i've got to say, his answer does not give me... renewed confidence. ( laughter ) ( applause ) but we did get some reassurance from r.n.c. chair and trump pocket elf, reince priebus. priebus told reporters, "donald trump is taking this very seriously." well, the fact that reince priebus found it necessary to say that out loud gives me... renewed confidence. ( laughter ) ( applause ) just like i'd have if i was on a plane and, right before takeoff, the pilot hopped on the intercom
11:44 pm
i promise you guys i'm going to take flying this plane very seriously." ( laughter ) ( applause ) and there's proof trump's taking it seriously because he has already has a new transition web site with the name: he's got a that's one of the most disturbing thing i've ever seen on tnt on the internet. ( laughter ) and "" shows just how seriously trump is taking his new gig, starting with a page that says "help wanted," which is how a lot of people feel right now. ( laughter ) and if you're looking to work, they are ready to hire. the site says they need "4,000 presidential appointees, including positions with and without senate confirmations." they also put out this flyer: "government wanted: no experience needed.
11:45 pm
( laughter ) and, just tear that off -- and the site also shows how serious trump is about fulfilling the central campaign promise of his hat because there's a form you can fill out to answer the question, "how do you want to make america great?" oh, oh, oh, ah -- maybe elect someone who already knows how to ( cheers and applause ) is that -- >> jon: yeah, yeah. >> stephen: now -- now, when it comes to filling cabinet positions, trump has cast a wide net, starting with donald trump, jr. hey, don, sr.? if you're trying to tone down the whole "dictator" thing, maybe don't give a cabinet position to your son, kim jong trump. it's a little on the nose.
11:46 pm
the leading candidate for attorney general is rudy giuliani. ( audience reacts ) excuse me. i have something i need to do here. excuse me one second. attention, black people. attention, black people. starting january 20, please build an extra 30 minutes into your daily schedule for the nationwide stop-and-frisk. ( laughter ) i don't know how to translate vomiting over a microphone. ( laughter ) ( applause ) guys, it's probably not going to happen because this is just a prop. it's not connected to anything. ( laughter ) and for secretary of state, trump is considering former speaker of the house and angry sack of ricotta cheese, newt gingrich. ( laughter ) ( audience reacts ) that's not bad.
11:47 pm
and for secretary of agriculture, trump is considering texas' sid miller, who caused a firestorm just days ago after his campaign's official twitter account referred to hillary clinton as a "c word." ( audience reacts ) that kind of language has no place in our political discourse... is something i would have said 48 hours ago. ( applause ) for education secretary, insiders are speculating that among those who may be on the short list is creais surgeon dr. ben carson. ( audience booing ) so get ready for the new history textbooks, "( bleep ) i made up about egypt." ( applause ) ( piano riff ) but hey, don't worry, ladies.
11:48 pm
interior secretary is sarah palin. ( audience reacts ) ( as palin ) "yep, how's that hopey changey stuff goin'? drill, baby, drill. forget about yosemite park, yosemite sam now uncle sam. sam i am. don't go bugging, tree hugging bloggers because i'm calling the loggers. we're frackin' old faithful, you're going be grateful, executions in the sports stadiums. arrest your enemies. tie a typewriter around his neck, what the heck, shoot him, he's getting away. tag, trig, trip, trap, knick knack, paddywhack, tick tock out of wedlock, give your dog a machine." ( cheers and applause ) god, she's exhausting! ( laughter ) and i'm being told the grand canyon has committed suicide. it jumped into itself. ( laughter ) that's right.
11:49 pm
of corruption means bringing back giuliani, gingrich, christie, and palin. makes sense. they're exactly what i'd expect to find at the bottom of a drained swamp. ( applause ) now, if you're one of the small minority of the majority of voters who didn't vote for trump, just remember -- all through the campaign, he assured us that he was going to surround himself with the best and the brightest. >> i'm going to ge people for the job. i would use the greatest minds. we are going to have the smartest, the best negotiators in the world, and i know most of them and, believe me, i know people you have never heard of who are better than the ones that you did hear of. >> stephen: oh, good, because the ones i did hear of are a pile of garbage. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) and we're not done! then there's trump's white house staff. i know i am super excited to
11:50 pm
omarosa. she was the trump campaign's director of african american outreach. oh, newsflash -- the trump campaign was doing african american outreach. hiring omarosa was it. well, on election night, we got a glimpse of the future when, after hearing that former republican candidate lindsay graham didn't vote for trump, omarosa told a reporter, "it's so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that, when we get in to the white house, we know where we stand. exercising their right to and the freedom to choose who they want. but let me just tell you, mr. trump has a long memory, and we're keeping a list." ( audience reacts ) enemies list. wow. they went from zero to nixon in no time flat. ( applause ) now, that's worth noting because some people in late night have said one or two things that were critical of donald trump.


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